Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Meet My Mateo (In Honor of St. Matthew's Day)

Today is the Feast of St. Matthew, which is a feast day that, until now, I paid little attention to. But today, I have a beautiful reason to remember and celebrate the intercession of this great saint. Because today, my family has our own little Matthew. Dominic Matthew.

Or should I say, Dominic Mateo, to be precise.

His name reflects the two cultures that he is a part of, and two great saints that he will hopefully call upon as he travels through life.

He's three weeks old and the answer to every prayer I said during the past five years that we waited for God to answer.

His arrival to our arms feels like nothing short of another miracle. His birthstory is filled with pain, hope, suffering, and love, and God is at work in every detail. Someday, I will find the time to write it and share it here with you, but not now. Now, we simply are marveling in God's mercy upon our family and giving thanks to St. Matthew on this wonderful feast day that will no longer be overlooked by one very grateful and humbled mother.

This photo was taken after Dominic Mateo's first holy mass,
which was also the day of
the canonization of St. Teresa of Calcutta.
I love this image of our family surrounded
by the holy family and this great saint.
We are never alone when we call upon the saints!

St. Matthew, pray for us!