Thursday, February 27, 2014

Theme Thursday - Fences

This is my first Theme Thursday but thought I'd give it a shot.

These photos were taken last October (when it was still warm) in Kansas City, MO.

My "three" boys were doing their all-time favorite hobby, railfanning.   Ever heard of it?  Me either.  But apparently it is a huge past time for lots of people, most of them with the Y chromosome.  

So, if you are ever in Kansas City, Union Station is an awesome place to fan some rails.  Plus, it meets all 3 of my criteria for being "Toddler/Pre-Schooler Friendly" because it is
1) Free - at least the parts we visited
2) Has (relatively) clean bathrooms (also saw a "Mother's Room" for nursing moms)
3) the rail yard overpass is FENCED.  

As a bonus, to get up to the overpass to watch trains, the boys love to ride on the "alligator", which would be the elevator to the rest of us.

Happy railfanning!

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