Friday, August 29, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Up, Down, and All Around (Bonus Edition)

So, it's been one of those times. You know what I mean?  The kind where it seems like you fluctuate between bad news and good news and then bad news again, back and forth, to the point where you are just weary of any news?   Thank goodness for the peace that comes from the constant things in life, like the sunrise and sunset, the early changing of the leaves in late summer, the whirring of the katydids that eventually gets overtaken by the humming of the crickets, and, most of all, the arrival of...

...squirrel season!    Yep, it's that time of year again.  Time to oil up the rifle that my daddy and his daddy and his daddy all used before me to shoot the "tree rats" right out of the oak leaves and right into the frying pan.   Gee, I've missed that.

I haven't hunted in about twelve years, but now that we are back in Kentucky, where I can get a hunter's license without having to sit with all the eight-year olds in a hunter ed class (being "old" does have some advantages), I couldn't wait to re-up. Opening day of squirrel season found me and my father each sitting on far ends of a hemlock cove swatting gnats and peering into the treetops for anything with fur that moved.  The stillness of the woods, however, was deafening.  Not a bird sang, not a cricket chirped and not a single. dang. solitary. bona fide. squirrel squawked.   So, it was beans for supper again that night.   Still, time spent sitting quietly alone in the woods on a cool morning is always time well spent.   I guess you could call it "Adoration for Rednecks".     Sorry I don't have a photo to post of me holding supper, but no doubt some of you are very thankful of that.   Maybe next time, so consider yourself warned.


So, when the huntin's slow, what else do you do?   You go fishing.  There's a free public fishing pond near our home and twice now, my father and I have taken the boys to drown some worms.  Fishing with three and four-year olds is a lot like sitting in church with three and four-year olds...namely, there's not much sitting being done.   Stand up, cast out, sit down, stand up, reel it in, untangle line, replace worm, cast again, sit back down, stand back up, reel it in, untangle line, replace worm...well, you get the picture.   Somehow, though, between all of that reeling and casting and sitting and standing, we actually caught a fish.   Joah's take on it:  "this is my new pet". Uh, sorry, Joah.   So instead, Joah had to be satisfied with his other new pets, also known as bait.   John seemed happiest pulling apart the plastic crawdads he found in the tackle box.   After about two hours of this, Pawpaw announced that he had a banana pudding waiting for everyone when we got back home so, at that point it was

Okay, so back to the good news, bad news part.   Good news first.   Many many hundreds of people are praying for our priest and if you are one of them, thank you thank you thank you!   In some ways, I almost feel like the prayers being said for him now actually benefited him before they were said (I suspect somewhere, there is a theological document that explains if that is possible. Prayers transcend time, right?)   What I mean by that is that it is truly a miracle that our priest survived the accident at all. The good news is that he did survive, he has no head or spinal injuries, and he will recover.   Unfortunately, he also is in great pain and still unable to be moved and his hospital time alone is expected to be at least eight weeks, followed by months of re-hab.  So please do keep praying for him and the doctors, nurses, his family, and all others taking good care of him.

Then there was some good news followed by bad news that hit a little too close to home.   Tom and I have been praying nightly for a couple in our family who has been trying to conceive for about three years.   They are not Catholic and took the IVF route first.   That turned out to be emotionally and financially devastating for them.  After that, they decided to undergo a vasectomy reversal for him and so they did, again at considerable personal expense.   Two weeks ago, we learned she was expecting but was not far along.  She was so excited and I encouraged her to ask her doctor to check her hCG and progesterone levels asap because she was terrified of having another miscarriage.  However, her doctor would not oblige and wanted her to wait the standard three to four weeks before coming in for an appointment and any lab work.  She's over age forty and I really encouraged her to find a doctor who would at least get her hormones checked.   We even contacted PP.VI for her, and they were more than happy to help, but her insurance refused to cover the costs.  Finally, she did find a doctor who did a 48-hour hCG and progesterone check, and unfortunately, her levels were not responding and she lost her baby.  So please pray for her as well.
Which leads me to...

Thank goodness for our Church's teachings and her protection!  My heart just goes out to this couple and the pain that they've had to endure as a result of failed IVF treatments and a sterilization that they later regretted.   Wanting a baby badly is painful enough, but I can only imagine the pain that must come with learning the hard way that IVF to achieve pregnancy and sterilization to avoid pregnancy are drastic measures that often have drastic results.  Unfortunately, the sad stories of IVF and sterilization are rarely shared and this poor couple fell prey to the mainstream hype because they did not realize they had other choices.   They seem to be on the right track now, and praise God for that, but some lessons just come with such a bitter price.   I'm so thankful that Tom and I listened and followed, even when we didn't fully understand, what our Church asks of us in regards to having (or not having) children.   Some lessons I'd rather not learn the hard way.   Doing God's will is hard enough.

And lastly, as far as trying to discern God's will goes, Tom and I are still plugging away on getting re-approved to adopt again.  We've attended an orientation meeting with one agency and sent in an initial application to another.  We have been trying to discern how best to approach our adoption process this time and are considering listing with two agencies at once now.   Because in one more year, most agencies won't even accept us due to our age, we want to increase our chances in the coming year.   Time is not exactly on our side anymore.   We are very blessed to even be able to consider listing with two agencies, given the expense.   Sometimes, I think to myself "maybe this is the benefit to working all those years when I really wanted to be at home raising a family. i.e. now we can pay for adoptions".   Who knows?   I'm always trying to rationalize everything I don't understand.  However, God does have ways of making something good come out of something that, at the time you are going through it, feels pretty bad.

Mama's version of preschool.
And here's a bonus Quick Take for ya (assuming you've made it this far). Because I really didn't want to leave my three dedicated readers out there hanging from the last Quick Take, if you were wondering what we decided regarding preschool, the answer is....  yep, the boys are going.   All you homeschoolers, please don't shoot me!  It's what we're calling a "test run" and we'll see how it goes. If I have to spend more time de-programming them than they actually spend AT preschool, we'll be back to homeschooling.   But it's only two days a week, classes are very small, the boys will be in separate groups (a big plus when you have "twins") and it is affiliated with a local church (Baptist, but don't tell anyone).   We attended the orientation meeting a few days ago and as soon as he saw the teacher, John walked up to her and asked "when do we do our lesson?"  I think he's ready, even if I'm not sure I am.

That's it for now.  Have a great holiday weekend, and thanks to Jen for hosting another Quick Takes this week!


  1. Squirrel hunting, huh? Is there much meat on them? I don't think I'd have the patience for that.

    I hear what you are saying about news. I often think "boring" is good. Nothing great may be happening but nothing bad is either.

    Still praying for your priest. Thanks for sending the links to the news stories.

    1., not much meat. I guess that's why we're allowed to take up to six a day. I can't say I ever reach my limit tho.
      And I agree, a drama-free life is a peaceful life.
      Thank you for the prayers.

  2. Not sure if this'll help at all, but I know some friends who just used Christian Adoption Consultants and got matched in a flash. Average wait time is 6 months. Very trustworthy organization!! They connect you with several adoption agencies around the US. You'd just have to be willing to travel and spend 20-45k on an adoption. You mentioned that you're worried about only having a year, so that immediately came to mind. No pressure at all, though! Just trying to help. :) Praying for you as you start this new adoption journey!!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I have not heard of them but will check them out.