Sunday, May 11, 2014

Many Kinds of Mothers

I found this many years ago and thought it was worth sharing today.    Thank you to all of you wonderful women who are letting the love in your hearts bear fruit either physically or spiritually, or both.   We all crave the mothering love you have to offer.   Happy Mother's Day.


A mother can come in many forms:

~A mother is obviously a woman who conceives, births, and raises a child given to her by God. She is what we as a society see as a mother.

But there are many other mothers that we should also remember….

~A mother is the young woman who finds herself pregnant, unable to parent, who chooses the best life for her child by placing him for adoption. She will not be that baby's parent but she will always be his birth mother.

~A mother is the woman who prays for a child she does not carry in her womb. She becomes the mother and parent to a child given in adoption. She is there in the night, in sickness, in health, in joy, and in sadness. She is an adoptive mother.

~A mother is the woman who never bears a child of her own, or who never is able to physically provide for a child.  Yet, she prays for the protection of all unborn children, and for the many children she encounters daily and mentors through life.   She is a spiritual mother.

~A mother is the woman who takes on the care of another's children through foster care or guardianship. She gives her life to loving them. They see her as mother.

What makes a mother?   More than anything, it’s the love for others found in a woman’s heart.

God bless ALL mothers!

(Source unknown)

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