Friday, July 17, 2015

Almost Five

We have a birthday coming up next week.  Our eldest (by a whopping six
months and two weeks) will be turning five years old.  I still find myself staring at this little man, wondering if having him in my life is just a dream.  To say he is a miracle to us just doesn't seem adequate.  He is a daily reminder to me of God's mercy and compassion.

I don't know what the future holds for this little guy.  I pray for him and his brother daily, but I do not worry.  I know beyond any doubt that He belongs to God more than he belongs to me and that God holds his future.  And it was in thinking about that during the past few weeks that I felt inspired to finally write the story about the months that preceded his birth. Although it obviously has a happy ending, it is still a story filled with fear and pain and hope and faith, and it has taken me five years to face the emotions again and be ready to tell it.  In honor of his birthday, I will share it here this coming week.

In the meantime, here are a few wise words from an almost five-year-old.  We were killing time one rainy day last month and I had my laptop out and just started randomly asking John questions and jotting down his answers.  For posterity's sake, I decided to record them here.  The time just goes by way too fast and I will soon forget these moments.   

Oh...and don't let the second question fool you. His birthday really is next week. I asked him these questions on June 10 and he was hoping that by saying his birthday was in June, he'd maybe score a chocolate cake a month earlier. He's always thinking and usually a step ahead of me!

What’s your name? John 
When were you born? June
Where were you born? Missouri
What’s your favorite food?  Candy!
What’s your favorite color? Blue
What do you love to do with Mommy? Sleep
What do you love to do with Daddy?  Play drums.
What do you love to do with Joah?  Hug him and throw him in the air.
What do you want to be when you are a grown up?  Old.
What do you love about your mommy?  Your eyes.
What do you love about your daddy?  His drums.
Do you like summer or winter better?  Summer!
What’s your favorite thing to do outside?  Swimming
What’s your favorite thing to do inside?  TV
What’s your favorite prayer?  Angel of God prayer.
What scares you most?  Lightning
What’s your favorite animal?  Zebras
Do you like Christmas or Easter better?  Easter because I get a lot of candy.
What makes you sad?  If Joah is crying and hurt. 
What makes you happy?  Going places.
What makes you angry?  Joah biting me.
What is something mommy always says to you?  Go poo poo.
How old are you?  Four.
How old is mommy?  I don’t know.  Twelve? Thirty?  Eighty?
What are you very good at?  Maybe helping Mommy.

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